What are Fresh Toones?
Fresh Toones are any creations that have resulted from an honest attempt to detect and call upon the universal vibration or thread that connects all of us. The sound that resonates through us, but is usually unnoticed do to our rush to solve our most immediate need. It is true that these creations will stem from our own particular life experiences, but rather than be a weakness, by sharing them they may lead to a wider sensibility to the total life experience. Sometimes a Fresh Toone may be misguided or may fail to connect to something larger that our selves, but the critical element is that the attempt was honestly made. The results will be there for each of us to consider and accept or not.

In the end Fresh Toones should speak for themselves. We should all create our own Fresh Toones without fear of failing; if our attempts are sincere then we can be assured that the results are better to exist than not.

Why a Fresh Toones web site?
For most of my life I have been sharing these Fresh Toones with my friends and small audiences. In the last few years I have had the opportunity to have them shown in much larger venues, at film festivals and on PBS. The individuals who have let me know how much they appreciated a certain piece have encouraged me to continue to seek out other means to offer them. As a result of this, I have recently felt a greater desire to use the Web to share with anyone who might be interested. As a young person I searched unceasingly for people who were trying to share honestly in the public forum. I hope that I have been able to approach this ambition in some of these Fresh Toones.

My initial concern in building this web site was that by trying to convey what was going on within these Fresh Toones, I might well affect my ability to create more. I was concerned that I might become analytical in my creative process and then overly distracted by anticipated audience response. This voice can easily beckon and divert one from freely exploring critical, but less popular themes. I have come to realize that risks are a required ingredient in the growth process so I will continue on into uncharted territory. To top.

Who created these Fresh Toones?
My name is Dave Puls. I have been writing songs, painting and drawing for over 40 years. Since 1992, I have developed my skills in animation by working at Animatus Studio and by creating a number of independent animated shorts. These pursuits have given me a vehicle to examine my life experience and also a way to channel this info to others. Although, these may be the main focus, I also hope that they can foster similar efforts by others who may be hesitant to reveal their own Fresh Toones.

I look forward to the day when every one of us has a personal web site to express as clearly and honestly as we can those ideas for which we aspire most (written circa 1999.) These sites could serve well to preserve some of the existence of many of us who do not become famous, the "working class" morgue of ideas.

Every one of us should have more than just a gravestone, a few family pictures, the memories of our offspring and relatives, and maybe an award or two in our lives to communicate who we were. It is true that the most important thing is how we actually conduct our lives, but I am sure that there is a great deal of human experience that never gets shared and this truly inhibits all of our growth. To top. 

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